Zero Loss Formula Review

This week a new product has been released, and I have been asked to cast my critical eye over it by my whatsapp group members. From the outset, there are a number of worrying factors that lead me to believe it is a scam. The video for Zero Loss Formula has some sections that were recycled from another scam last year. The actor has been seen on other scams before as well so it doesn’t bode well at loss formula scam

The site is also plastered with wild claims about making millions with the software, and that you can too. Its these claims that start the alarm bells ringing. Any product that over hypes its results is likely to be a scam, and this one is starting to seem quite worrying. The site also uses a countdown of the number of slots that are available, which is a common practice from the scam software sites that I have reviewed in the loss formula alternative

The second page also has a number of suspicious factors that need addressing. There are pictures of members, which happen to be stock images that I uncovered with a google image search. These all seem to be used for various fake linkedin and twitter accounts. It may be that these are accounts are also being used to promote Zero Loss Formula, so be aware of the social media hype surrounding this scam.

Getting onto the interface, its yet another iteration of the SHITBOT. Yes that’s right, yet another version has been released. They seem to be getting much more regular with their release of these clones and the software doesn’t get any better with each version. In fact the most recent test of the shitbot was a total failure and its worse than loss formula tested

In summary, there are far too many issues with Zero Profit Formula to get an endorsement from me, in fact this pile of steaming shit is going straight on my Binary Options Blacklist.

If you are interested in seeing the recommended software from my recent tests, please visit the link below.


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