Safeguard Trader Scam Review


Safeguard Trader was suggested to me by one of my Youtube subscribers and I decided to take a look to see what all the fuss was about. Very early on, the scam indicators were present and blatantly obvious to me.  We have all the classic wild claims about being able to make unrealistic amounts of money per hour for doing nothing. Nothing in life is that easy so don’t be fooled by these scammers.

safeguard trader scam

Apart from the fake security seals and geo targeting, the biggest issue with the main page is the “Meet The Safeguard Trader Team” section. Apart from the first image of Richard Hefner (which was screengrabbed from his video) the rest of the “team” are all just stock photos that have been added to make the organization look legitimate. If you had a real business and a real team, wouldn’t you use real pictures of them? Yes you would. And if you didn’t it would be because your company isn’t real and you are really just a slimy scammer sitting in your bedroom ripping people off.

safeguard trader team fake

Richard Hefner Scam


Onto the members page and we get more of the same. A fake, unverifiable list of active trades which could be any old shit to be honest.  Then we have another fake facebook feed. Aside from none of it actually being real facebook posts, the images used are also stock photos apart from the picture of the fancy watch.

Profit Magnet Clone

safeguard trader reviewProfit Magnet ReviewThat picture was used on another product called Profit Magnet. Safeguard Trader is in fact, a carbon copy of Profit Magnet with a different logo and video. Profit Magnet has already been outed as a major scam so these people have simply changed the information to make you think it’s a new unrelated product, when in truth its just another version of an old scam.  Safeguard Trader has been added to my binary options blacklist. Don’t go near it, don’t even sign up to check it out as you will end up being spammed and scammed by these unscrupulous twats.



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