Quantum Code Scam Review

Quantum Code Scam Review
My WhatsApp has been blowing up this week with reports of mega spam email campaigns about the Quantum Code, so I thought it deserved the LTTBO scam review treatment.

The Quantum Code unfortunately opens with the most cliché video in the history of Binary scams. Not only do you get the actor talking rubbish whilst standing by a private jet, but he is introduced by a montage of shit. The montage is filled with sports cars, luxury houses, exotic holidays, jewellery, the lot. I haven’t seen such a try hard video in all my years exposing scams. This is utter shit and anyone who falls for it needs their head checked.

Continuing on, Quantum Code is littered with countdowns telling you how may VIP slots are available, and how many other users are on the site. The biggest lie of all is in the second video. The actor tells you well done for being one of the last ones in. How could he know that in a pre-recorded video if it was a genuine limited supply. That proves it’s a lie and a scam.
Quantum Code is fake
Further to this there are some stock photos used for the “customers” that have already made money, and worst of all, its another clone of the same shit software that I have exposed multiple times on my channel and website.
does quantum code work
It’s a shitty autotrader and signal bot that spams out rubbish. All the creators do, is build a lie, and then once the reputation is blown after all the bad press it receives, they just spin it to a new product with new colours and a new sales page/video.

Another product for my binary options blacklist – The Quantum Code; what a piece of crap…

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