Nesdek Scam Review

Nesdek ScamI was asked by one of my Whatsapp contacts to take a look at a new piece of software called Nesdek. This software has been spammed out in a major way this week and lots of people want to know if Nesdek is legit.


I took a look at their site and the list of Scammy crimes is pretty comprehensive.


The company cited in the video and website is called Nesdek Inc. I did some research and no such company is shown to exist on any of the searches I did. Pretty much every company in the world has some kind of trail on the internet that can be traced, as all registered companies have their details in a company register that can be searched online. This wasn’t the case which leads me to believe that this is a dummy company name that has never and will never exist.

nesdek inc review

On top of this we are subjected to a number of “Quotes” from the New York Times, NBC News and Forbes. I searched all these sites to check if the articles existed and guess what? Nope, nothing, nada. They are fake quotes.


Then we get on to the customer testimonial videos. These were also fake, I found a couple of them as actors on Fiverr very easily, and one of the others was actually the same guy used in the Hoffman Stein Scam that I exposed earlier this month.

nesdek fake

Nesdek uses both countdown timers and geo targeting to trick its victims as well and this is a well documented scam that you will see on pretty much all the products in my Binary Options Blacklist.


Finally we have a series of awards that have been given to Nesdek and these are all fake as well. The Quantative Finance Valuator doesn’t exist, the IBS shows the wrong logo and the FPSC has never given an editors choice award (not unusual seeing as it’s a small Canadian finance regulator). These are all clear signs of a scam and I have to summarise that Nesdek is a scam.


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