Mirror Trader Scam Review

Another unfortunate member of the Blacklist was added today. Mirror Trader is a product riddled with lies and deceit.. The testimonial photos of all their “members” have all been used before on this scammers other sites. You can see links to their other products which include: Cloud Trader, Profit Maker, 98 Success, Insured Outcome and links to a shady broker called Oracle Options too.
Mirror Trader Scam
This is clearly another re-branded scam software product that has been shut down due to bad press and a damaged reputation. Then they simply rebrand and relaunch this tripe and hope they can fool another group of unwilling victims.
mirror trader is a scam
Avoid Mirror Trader, it’s a blatant scam. I will be keeping a close eye out for more clones of this shit.

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Mirror Trader