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Another week, another scam to expose. This is a total scam that was sent to me by a couple of my subscribers. I can see it’s a scam within the first 30 seconds of the video, but there are a number of other signs that will highlight the scam for what it is. The video contains a number of fiverr actors and I am pretty sure the CEO . George Maximus is an actor too. Mostly because the company Maximus Profits doesn’t exist anywhere. If he was the CEO of a real company, then surely there would be some records on the internet about his organization. Also the “customers” in the video are all actors who produce video testimonials for a few dollars on a site called

maximus profits logo

There are some rather unbelievable claims on the site too, like the fact that they haven’t lost a trade since 2013. That’s the biggest load of BS anyone has ever put on one of these scams. Even the most intelligent, experienced traders lose sometimes, that’s the nature of the beast.

maximus profits scam

The second page has another shit video by George Maximus and then a load of fake testimonials like these:

“The Maximus Profits system has changed my life. It earns around $9,000 everyday for me.”



“I’ve been using the Maximus Profits system for just 3 weeks and its already made $43,510 for me!”

maximus profits does it work

Pretty impressive. Well it would be if the pictures next to these statements were anything other than stock photos, proving that they aren’t real customers. Finally when I signed into the software, it turned out to be the SHITBOT which is pumping out scammy products like this every week trying to trick you. I have personally lost money with this bot, it doesn’t work and it doesn’t make you money so please don’t sign up and don’t get involved with these clowns.


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