Magnetic Profit Scam Review

Another scam that needs taking down is Magnetic Profit. I have been bombarded with users who have had this one spammed to their mailboxes and its being touted by all the known scammers.
magnetic profit scam
The first page has some of the most ridiculous claims about only 138 users being able to see the video before its taken down and deleted from the internet. This is bogus and is a tactic used to scare people into signing up. The video itself sees an actor in front of a green screen offering you riches beyond your wildest dreams, all with no upfront cost and on autopilot. This is a big pile of BS and if you are offered something too good to be true, be assured it definitely is.
magnetic profit does it work
There are also fake security seals all over the shop and a countdown telling you that there are only a few copies left. This is another old trick used by scammers to make you sign up on the spot without doing any research or seeing how other users have gotten on.

Moving on to the second page, there is another garbage video with more false promises and also a countdown timer ticking away to bully you into signing up. Don’t fall for these cheap tricks, you will regret it. Then we are given a trio of “Members Profiles” with the people in the pictures supposedly making millions in the last 3 years. Unfortunately a little google image checking proves that these people are made up as they are all stock photos and not real people. This is used to make you want to be just like them and a millionaire in less than 3 years.
magnetic profit testimonials
More crap further down the page only upholds my theory that Magnetic Profit is a scam, and the icing on the cake is that when you sign up on the second page, nothing happens. No software, no riches. Nothing. Probably a tactic to get your contact details so that the creators of this scam can sell your details to 3rd parties to try and rip you off with another fake money making system.

Im done with Magnetic Profit. 100% scam and another entry into my Binary Options Blacklist.

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