Hoffman Stein Scam Review

Hoffman Stein is another bad scam that I have taken down by simply looking for the obvious signs.

Hoffman Stein is a scam

First of all, the claims that these jokers make are just ridiculous. How the hell can anyone guarantee that you will make over half a million dollars in only a week? I can tell you with one hundred percent certainty that nobody can offer that guarantee. If you believe the hype, you will lose your money.

Another Shoddy Scam

Secondly, there is the shady name Hoffman Stein Captial. Its not a real company and anyone who is clever enough to type it into google will see straight away that it’s a completely made up company. Nothing good can come from these arseholes, they are lying at every turn.


Next up is the countdown for the number of slots available and also the ticking clock slowly heading for zero. We have seen these tricks a million times and it never ceases to amaze me that these people still think that they work. Anyone who has seen any of my youtube videos will clearly understand that they are a simple psychological trick and nothing more.

Is Hoffman Stein a scam

Then we get on to the classic Geo-Targeting, something that has been used time and time again by these scammers to try and make you feel special or specifically selected to be a part of their once in a lifetime offer. Guess what, its all part of the massively poor scam that Hoffman Stein is.

hoffman stein virus

Finally we have the poor and blatantly obvious fake testimonials. Hoffman Stein uses Fiverr actors to pretend to be clients that have made millions of pounds. This not only proves this scam completely, but it also shows how cheap these scamming bastards are only spending ten dollars to create their shitty testimonial videos.

hoffman stein review

In summary, I think the only impressive thing about Hoffman Stein, is that they managed to squeeze in just about every crappy scam tactic into one product. That’s about as positive as I can be with this pile of junk. Hoffman Stein is a scam and the above video proves it beyond doubt.



Hoffman Stein Alternatives

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