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Following a long conversation with some very unhappy people on my Skype channel, I have been asked to look into a product called GPS Trader. This product is catching people unaware and I have at least 3 verified users who have lost money using it. Today I will look into the issues surrounding GPS Trader and prove to you that it is a SCAM.

Not many of the favoured tricks on the front page to call it a blatant scam, but if you look hard enough, they are there.

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First of all, they use Geo Location to check your browser IP address, and then use it in all of their text to make you think the offer is only available in your country. This is an old trick and is being used more and more these days.

This is taken to a new level as they actually use a Google Maps plugin to show your physical location on their home page. I guess they were trying to give their bullshit about GPS some believability , however seeing as the whole thing is a scam, then its obviously a bad thing if they can see where you live. This will be made even more pertinent when you see what happens later.

Their “Facebook” comments are all faked. If a website integrates a real facebook feed, then the links would all go to a Facebook page. However none of their links go anywhere which is pure proof that its faked.

The “Profile” pictures are also fake, going some searching on Google images revealed that some of the images are being used on junk Google Plus profiles with loads of different names. They are probably being used to spam Youtube channels with links to their scams as well. Watch out for them if you see any comments with links in the comments below.

GPS Trader Testimonials Fake
On the videos, they make mention of only 20 slots being available and only for the next 24 hours. This is obviously fake as they use this false scarcity tactic all the time to trick people into signing up.
Worryingly, when you get past all the usual bullshit videos and sales fluff, you cant access the software without first depositing. No trial, no chance to see what it can do, just more trickery to make you part with your money just so you can see what it has to offer. A genuine product would let you test out or at least, see the product before you part with your money. You wouldn’t buy a car without at least seeing it and taking a test drive, so why would this be any different.



Lastly, my Anti-Virus software pinged up a message that the GPS Trader site was trying to infect me with a virus. This is a serious scam and if the site had infected me, they may have been able to steal my personal details or illegally access my bank account and steal money from me. I cannot stress enough, just how important it is that you don’t visit the site or enter your details as you are likely to get ripped off in a major way.

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Is GPS Trader A Scam?

100% Scam guaranteed. They are using viruses to steal personal information. For this reason alone I am BLACKLISTING this scam.


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