Disrupt Trading Scam

This scam has already had its first major problem. Youtube have disabled their account so the videos on the site don’t work. I’m glad as at least people wont be scammed by these horrible people now. And trust me it’s a scam and one that was very easy to spot. There are so many reasons why Disrupt Trading fails the scam test…

disrupt trading is a scam

Again we are met with wild claims that don’t add up. The numbers they are talking about are just so unrealistic that its almost comedy. Whoever came up with this scam is very stupid.

Next we are bombarded with cheap tricks like the geo targeting flags and the fake security seals just like we saw on many other scams before.

Disrupt Trading fake

The testimonial photos are also all just stock images, but best of all – One of them is Hollywood actor and director David Arquette. Famously married to Courtney Cox from Friends, David is a very well known face and to use it on such a scam is fucking stupid. If you ever watched the scream movies, you would instantly recognize him and have 100% certainty that Disrupt Trading is a total scam. Its being added to my scam blacklist so that my users can see what a bad piece of software Disrupt Trading really is.

disrupt trading david arquette

The site goes on to make wild claims about being certified by international law firms, but these claims cannot be verified in any way, so I assume they are bullshit too.

And to end it off, we also had the classic Fiverr actor testimonials to add to the scam recipe. All in all, this is a bag of shit and you shouldn’t even bother checking it out as its 100% scam certified…

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