Click Trade App Review

My subscribers have been asking me for a few days to look into a new binary options software product called Click Trade App. I have completed my review and the outcome is not at all surprising if you have seen the product in question.
click trade app scam
The site itself has got to be one of the most horrendous looking websites I have seen this side of 1997. I mean really, its just the most awful looking pile of crap that I have ever seen. Whoever created this website clearly has no skill whatsoever. The fonts look awful, the layout is terrible and the images and logo look like they were made with Microsoft paint. There are a number of glaringly obvious spelling mistakes on the Click Trade App website and the design of the software has to be some of the worst ever seen. Enough criticism about the look of the site, the video is also a total car wreck. The alleged CEO of the click trade app, John Cross is in fact a fiverr actor that has been seen before on other scams including Wisdom Of The Crowds which was a terrible scam and can be seen in my video review.
click trade app test
All the issues aside, I took a look at the software interface for Click Trade App and unfortunately its also just a big mess. The “Demo” is supposedly giving you $250 to play with and then it starts making trades on your behalf. However I discovered that this is just a scripted event by refreshing the software panel and the balance reset. The same trade was then placed again with the same outcome, proving that it’s a fake trade designed to make you think you will make money as soon as you deposit real money
click trade app is a scam
This pile of absolute shit that calls itself the Click Trade App is probably the worst piece of garbage I have ever reviewed and is going to take pride of place in my Binary options Blacklist as a scam.

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