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A large number of people in my Skype advice group have asked me to check out a new product called Cash Formula. I have discovered some worrying things about this product that need to be exposed so you can see the truth about cash formula.

does cash formula work

On first inspection, it doesn’t seem to have too many scam tricks on display apart from the fake Symantec and antivirus seals that aren’t actually attached to any security ratings. This is a common trick used by the scammers to make you think that the site is safe and secure, and by proxy that your money is safe and secure with them. The video shows an actor in front of a rented holiday home showing off his “wealth”. This is the biggest trick used by the scamming community to make you think the owner of the so called product, is a rich guru and he is going to share his secrets with you. In this particular scam the video goes on about the rich 1% wanting to keep their money making secrets to themselves and the guy in the video offers you a limited time offer to show you what they use to make their money. What a load of bollocks. .

cash formula is a scam

At the bottom of the page, there was a popup showing all the email addresses of the users who are signing up as you are watching the video. I checked the source code and it seems this is just generated from a list within the site to make you think there are loads of people signing up at the same time as you. Another trick to make you get in “before its too late” Shocking. Moving on to the next page, you get yet another cheesy video with cars and boats etc and more BS. The page says that the spots are limited and closing the window puts you to the back of the queue, which is a technique used to scare you into going on to the next step.

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Again as we progress to the next page, there is more scarcity being touted about. Now we have a countdown timer to sign up that runs out in only 59 seconds. I let the time run out and the popup closes and then you are easily able to get to it again with another 59 seconds on the clock. This proves that these timers used are to scare you into signing up without doing your homework. And when they put you onto the page where you have to part with your money, they put the pressure on again with another timer telling you that you only have a few minutes to put your money in. This is high-pressure sales at its very worst. An awful tactic that unfortunately tricks so many people.

Cash Formula Conclusion

So when you boil it down, this is a junk piece of software that uses all the tricks in the scam repertoire to get you to sign up so they can spam you and the software itself is going to be another junk auto trader with no merit or actual value whatsoever. Welcome to the Binary Options Blacklist, Cash Formula…

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