Brexit Money Machine Scam Review


This one landed in my inbox over the weekend from at least 3 known spam/scam sources and I just had to take a look to see what bullshit the scammers are up to. Another one here for the Blacklist by the looks of it.

brexit money machine review

The video explains all about the recent Brexit situation and the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. It goes on to say how a guy called Arnold Palmer (not the famous golfer) has developed some magical system to take advantage of the current market conditions post-brexit. Now although Brexit has been a pivotal issue with current currency trades, I highly doubt that a shit auto trader is going to make you rich because of it. The site is littered with the uninventive scam practices that I see on a daily basis from the people who farm out these scams. Countdown timers, fake security seals and limited number of slots are all present on this scam and its hardly surprising that this is followed up by Brexit Money Machines is Fake more of their tricks of the scam trade. There are a number of testimonials on the site with photos next to each one. Every single one that I checked on google, are all stock images taken from other sites. One of them has even been used on another Binary Options scam – Parsons Profits. I reviewed this one on my old Youtube channel and it was as bad, if not worse than Brexit Money Machine.

brexit money machine is a scam

Brexit Money Machines Review Conclusion

Worst of all, when I finally decided to sign up, guess what the software interface was? That’s right, the SHITBOT strikes again. That’s 4 in less than a week that I have reviewed and they all use one of the 2 current platforms that the scammers are recycling to avoid the negative press they receive. Its unbelievable how quickly they are turning these awful products out and I think its time we all did something about it. Make sure you share my video and my blog post about this terrible scam, so that no-one else falls foul of these evil people. I am sure they have ripped off people for millions of dollars already and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping. I will be creating a list of the shitbots for you all to see just how bad this situation is getting and will do a video exposing them all at some point as well.

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