Binary Options Probot Scam Review

Time to check if the Binary Options Probot is a Scam. One of my clients asked me to take a look at Binary Options Probot as they had been tempted to give it a go. Fortunately for them, they came to me first, and I told them to hold off while I did some investigation into what it was and if it was a scam or not.

binary options probot scamFirst impressions lead to most people to believe that its not a scam because there are no obvious signs that its dishonest in any way. If you peel back the layers of gloss you soon see that couldn’t be further from the truth.

does binary options probot workThe testimonial images used for the 4 “customers” that have made mega money with the binary options Probot are all stock images with a country flag put in the background. Any company that cant use real people to testify that their service is good, clearly has something to hide. In this case, its something really bad that they are trying to hide from you.binary options probot fake

I was not at all surprised to see the same old scam bot that has been re-hashed about a million times is the software behind Binary Options Probot. This bit of software is awful and doesn’t work at all. They keep getting slammed by the reviewers and customers online, and then they just turn tail and scam all over again with the same software in a different colour with a different branding and video. This particular software is total shit, so I have decided to name this the Binary Options SHITBOT.

Binary Options Probot Summary

I will be doing a montage video showing all the different instances where the Binary Options SHITBOT has been used with different branding. Keep an eye out for it soon. OK time, to end this one with another version of the SHITBOT going into my Binary Options Blacklist.

Binary Options Probot Alternative

If you are looking for something that really works, please click on my Recommended Software link and see what is performing best in my current tests.

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