Bank Tracker Bot Scam

bank tracker bot scam reviewAnother Product that just oozes style when you first look at it, but if you investigate it with a critical eye, you will soon see there are some major cracks and issues.

I have brushed over the video in my review as there were so many obvious issues, I didn’t need to waste any time going through another video. I imagine its another rags to riches story about someone who stumbled across the “code” to make money on autopilot. They will go on to tell you that they are opening up to a limited number of people in just a select area and that you got an invite as you are special. These videos are all the same, just hype and bullshit to make you part money with a Binary Options Broker. They then leave you with your dick swinging in the wind and you get no help, support or education. These things are vital to trading successfully. These people don’t care about you, they just want your money.

Bank Tracker Bot is fakeThe page itself has many images of “users” who are allegedly making loads of money in Binary Options using their software. Just a simple google image search shows them to be fake. Just more stock images bought or stolen from other sites and used to fool you into thinking real people are making money with this crap.

The Bank Tracker Bot also goes to the trouble of citing BBC, CNBC etc. I honestly haven’t found a single shred of evidence that supports these people actually even mentioning the Bank Tracker Bot, let alone endorsing it.

bank tracker bot fake facebookYou also get the classic geo targeting which is another trick the binary options scammers employ to trick you into parting with your money on their shitty app.

The software itself is another clone of the majorly poor interface used by loads of other scams, including the Alderley Code which I reviewed last week.

In summary, the Bank Tracker Bot is a waste of time and more importantly, a scam. Don’t give them your details or your money.

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