7 Figure Months Scam Review

Another scam being put under the microscope today is 7 Figure Months. This has all the hallmark features of an obvious scam Firstly, the wild and ridiculous claims it makes cant be proven in any real way. Just photoshopped bank statements and a mega cheesy sales video.

7 Figure Months Logo
Next we have the live results which cant be verified, and seem very similar to some other scams that are out there at the moment.
does 7 figure months work
The software itself is one of the scams that keeps on showing its face. A poorly designed, badly executed pile of junk that doesn’t work and keeps being “rebranded” every month. I hope that no-one falls for this scam, if you could make an easy million every month, would you share your secret with everyone? Hell no. You would laugh all the way to the bank and forget about everyone else. This is why this fails on so many levels and sees 7 Figure Months enter my binary options blacklist.
fake 7 figure months
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