3 Steps 2 Cash Review


Another new product was recently released and I was asked to take a look by my subscribers. Well here we are again with another shoddy looking product that has so many inconsistencies it wasn’t very hard to rule this as a scam.
3 steps 2 cash review
On the face of it, there are some obvious flaws. First of all the video starts with a number of known fiverr actors giving fake testimonials. This really grinds my gears and has started to become a terribly lazy habit of the scammers to re-use the same people. They are taking the fun out of discovering their deception. Too easy guys!

3 steps 2 cash is a scam

Aside from the video, the photo testimonials are all stock photos as a simple google image search proved. This is again far too easy to spot and takes away any of the believeability of the product. The name is also a bit strange. 3 Steps 2 Cash claims to be a multi-billion dollar company with over 4000 investors. Curious then, how I couldn’t find one single bit of information on this massive institution. Even the most secretive companies in the world are forced to have public records, so this is another example of more bullshit from these jokers. Also the logo on the site says cash club? Not sure why. The one thing that also flagged this as a scam product, was the fact that in the testimonials and on the 2nd page they refer to Terran Capitals. This was a scam product that I exposed a few months ago and is a proven scam. I have the feeling that these people have forgotten to change their text when cloning Terran for the purposes of re-branding an old scam. This is the final nail in the coffin for 3 Steps 2 Cash. It’s a surefire scam and they have really shot themselves in the foot here.

3 steps 2 cash tested

Then we get on to the software. You cant even see it until you deposit which given the nature of all the lies so far, worries me the most. Who knows if you will even be able to trade or maybe its all a big setup to steal from your bank account.


I have no choice to put 3 Steps 2 Cash (or cash club) onto my Binary Options Blacklist. It will be joining its related product Terran Capitals as a blacklisted scam forever…

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