GPS Trader Scam

GPS Trader Scam

GPS Trader Scam

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Following a long conversation with some very unhappy people on my Skype channel, I have been asked to look into a product called GPS Trader. This product is catching people unaware and I have at least 3 verified users who have lost money using it. Today I will look into the issues surrounding GPS Trader and prove to you that it is a SCAM.

Not many of the favoured tricks on the front page to call it a blatant scam, but if you look hard enough, they are there.

GPS Trader Website

First of all, they use Geo Location to check your browser IP address, and then use it in all of their text to make you think the offer is only available in your country. This is an old trick and is being used more and more these days.

This is taken to a new level as they actually use a Google Maps plugin to show your physical location on their home page. I guess they were trying to give their bullshit about GPS some believability , however seeing as the whole thing is a scam, then its obviously a bad thing if they can see where you live. This will be made even more pertinent when you see what happens later.

Their “Facebook” comments are all faked. If a website integrates a real facebook feed, then the links would all go to a Facebook page. However none of their links go anywhere which is pure proof that its faked.

The “Profile” pictures are also fake, going some searching on Google images revealed that some of the images are being used on junk Google Plus profiles with loads of different names. They are probably being used to spam Youtube channels with links to their scams as well. Watch out for them if you see any comments with links in the comments below.

GPS Trader Testimonials Fake
On the videos, they make mention of only 20 slots being available and only for the next 24 hours. This is obviously fake as they use this false scarcity tactic all the time to trick people into signing up.
Worryingly, when you get past all the usual bullshit videos and sales fluff, you cant access the software without first depositing. No trial, no chance to see what it can do, just more trickery to make you part with your money just so you can see what it has to offer. A genuine product would let you test out or at least, see the product before you part with your money. You wouldn’t buy a car without at least seeing it and taking a test drive, so why would this be any different.



Lastly, my Anti-Virus software pinged up a message that the GPS Trader site was trying to infect me with a virus. This is a serious scam and if the site had infected me, they may have been able to steal my personal details or illegally access my bank account and steal money from me. I cannot stress enough, just how important it is that you don’t visit the site or enter your details as you are likely to get ripped off in a major way.

GPS Trader Warning



Is GPS Trader A Scam?

100% Scam guaranteed. They are using viruses to steal personal information. For this reason alone I am BLACKLISTING this scam.


GPS Trader Alternatives

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98 Success Review

98 Success Review

98 Success Scam

98 success scam
98 Success is a product that number of people have asked me to review. I got about 12 messages on Whatsapp on the weekend from Youtube subscribers asking me to take a look. They have all been mass-spammed about this product and I had to do some investigation to see if 98 success lives up to its bold claims.

98 success exposed

Again there are the usual quality and antivirus seals to trick you into thinking that something is secure, when in actual fact these images are bogus and just there to trick you.


Following on from these tricks, 98 success tries to con you into thinking that its endorsed by some major news broadcasters. I checked and I can assure you that they are not endorsed by any of them. They use a recent news event regarding some computer errors in the NYSE to make you think that they have uncovered some magical formula to make money. Trust me they haven’t, 98 success is some awful regurgitated bullshit that has been ripping people off for the last year.

Proof of this is in the testimonials that they use on their site. 98 Success uses a selection of images that are supposed to be their own customers. Some of theme seemed familiar so I put them all into Google Images. The results were shocking as half of them had been used on Fake testimonials on other similar looking scams such as Cloud Trader, Profit Maker and Dream Profits.
98 success scam testimonials

It seems that the creator of these scams has just re-branded his scam software is churning out copies all over the place. They are ripping people off with scammy auto trading software that doesn’t work and once the product’s reputation gets too damaged, they just change the site and start again with more lies and deception.
is 98 success a scam

Is 98 Success A Scam?



Without a doubt, this is a terrible scam. Not only have I reviewed and exposed all their previous efforts such as Cloud Trader, Profit Maker and Dream Profits, but now we can add 98 Success to their list of awful scam software. This menagerie of shit doesn’t seem to end, but trust me when I say that I will continue exposing these awful scams and wont stop until they do.


98 Success Alternatives


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Money Glitch Review

Money Glitch Review

Money Glitch Scam

The Money Glitch is a worrying 2 part scam. The lengths that some people will go to in order to rip you off is staggering. First of all we have every trick in the scam playbook thrown into the mix.

Money Glitch Scam

There are repeated countdown timers warning you that there is only so much time before the offer expires. Then you get into the issue of slapping loads of fake security seals around the site to give the impression that they are verified by major anti-virus and internet security companies. These are not real seals and just another attempt to rob you of your hard earned cash.

Next we have the worrying issue of more Geo-Targeted images like the UK Flags that were pasted around the site. These are again generated using the location country from your IP so if you visit the site from another country, you get that country plastered all over the place. This is used to trick you into believing that their offer is only available to you and only for a limited time. This type of tactic is to try and squeeze money out of you before you have time to research a product to see if it is genuine or not. If you were given an hour, most people would check on Google to see if there were any bad reviews, but when you only have a few minutes, the pressure is placed upon you to make a quick decision. Usually resulting in being ripped off.

is money glitch scam

Then we have the fake testimonials. I found at least 2 images that were stock photos. If the Money Glitch is so successful, why cant they find at least a handful of real people to back up their claims? Ill tell you why, they cant because its a scam.

This leads us onto the second part of the scam.

TradeVerify Scam

On the Money Glitch fake testimonials, there is reference to suggest that the trades on the page have been verified by an independant company called Trade Verify. I went to their website and discovered that its a fake company. The photo of “Roger” the christian family man who notarises all the trades is actually a stock photo. As are all the other members of his team.

Trade Verify Scam

Not only that, but they refer to a scam from 2015 that had Verified its trades with Trade Verify. A sure way to prove that their service is bogus and most likely it was set up by the founders of the old scam who are back for more of your money.

Roger trade verify scam

Is Money Glitch A Scam?

Yes, no doubt about it. If what I have exposed above isnt enough, then taking one look at the interface is proof enough that its a scam. Its the same re-hashed, recycled shit auto trading bot that has been doung the rounds for the last 18 months. Its got no substance and is purely a scam.I have exposed a number of scams recently that use the same platform. A couple of examples are: Globe Trader Review & Referral Project Scam

money glitch auto trade scam

Money Glitch Alternatives

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Million Dollar Challenge Review

Million Dollar Challenge Review

Million Dollar Challenge Scam


Million Dollar Challenge is another scam that was pretty easy to figure out. They utilise some of the oldest tricks in the book and do them badly to be honest.

million dollar challenge fake
First off, we have the tired old methods with Geo-Targeted text and information to make you feel like the invite has only been sent to you. Trust me, it hasn’t. This crap has been spammed all over the world to millions of people. When a website says “only available in (insert your country here)” then you know there is something dodgy going on. Why would a company looking for investment limit itself to just one country. There is absolutely no reason for it, which gives real reason to doubt their integrity.

million dollar challenge scam
Next we have about a million “Quality Seals” which are just there to give you a false sense of security, they don’t actually mean anything. In this case, they have really, really gone over the top with their seals. A whole line of them which all pretty much say the same thing – Quality Guaranteed. Well guess what they really mean when I see them? SCAM GUARANTEED. Its such a shame that these arseholes cant be more inventive with their deceptions.

There is one really serious problem with their sales pitch though, they put a company name to the product – BIG mistake…


Stanford & Marcs Trading Group

The video repeatedly references a company called Stanford & Marcs Trading Group. I have done some heavy research and it simply doesn’t exist as a registered business anywhere in the world. Google it, you will only find references to the Million Dollar Challenge for that company, no official records, websites or anything that makes it legitimate. This is really concerning as they are committing fraud. You cant pretend to be representing a company that doesnt exist. Its simply ILLEGAL.

Then we have the stolen photos used on their “testimonials”, a sure way to seal the deal and for me to confirm this is a total scam. They stole some rather personal pictures from someones personal blog and also some poor guys Google Plus account. This is terrible and I hope they get sued for this abhorrent behaviour.

million dollar challenge stolen picturestolen image million dollar challenge

Million Dollar Challenge Alternatives


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Hedge Formula Review

Hedge Formula Review

Hedge Formula Scam

Another slick looking site, with a very easy to miss trick up its sleeve. You get a personalised video with your country mentioned specifically and told that its only available for your country. They do this using your IP address location. It uses some very clever multiple videos which are all tailored specifically for your own country so not only does the site display your country as the only available location, but the video also mentions your country alone. I changed my IP address and reloaded the page and I managed to go from a video saying the UK was the only area it was available to the same page with a video stating that the USA is the only location that its available. Clever stuff, but a massive lie and proof that Hedge Formula is a total scam.

hedge formila scam

Hedge Formula Exposed

The video on the second page mentions multiple times that the software is free. They keep on mentioning it being free over and over again. However, once you go into the software itself, you are repeatedly forced to deposit at a broker and there is no way to get to the software without going through this process. This makes it incredibly difficult to see what the software actually does, but more importantly ITS NOT FREE.

is hedge formula a scam

They use these technicalities to trick you into thinking you dont need to spend ANY money when actually its just a trick as you will have to deposit at a broker to get anywhere. Now this is fine, as we all know that Binary Options cant be traded without a balance in your account, but its the deceptive nature that is the real issue. Why not just say its free to use once you have deposited? Its just more lies and misdirection to trick you into parting with your money. Sadly with Hedge Formula, they also gave me a very shady looking, unknown broker to trade with. One thing you should always look out for is a product that actually allows you to choose a broker you are happy with. I am calling Hedge Forumula a scam, no doubt about it. Just too many lies and half-truths for my liking. What looks like a slick production turns out to be nothing but another scam.


hedge formula alternative

Hedge Formula Alternative

If you are looking for an alternative to Hedge Formula, I would recommend Trend-Xpert. Created by OptionXpert (a reputable binary options education company), this product allows you to use whatever broker you like and they have a fantastic training program for traders to learn how to trade properly. They dont have a scammy Auto Trader algorythm, they use real market data and provide an educated way to trade reliably.

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Globe Traders Review

Globe Traders Review

Globe Traders Scam Review

globe traders review

Yes, its another scam, more private jets, sports cars and lies… Also it claims that Globe Traders is a registered company. And guess what? I cant find a single thing on the internet about ANY company called Globe Traders. If you are going to lie, at least make it so people cant Google you to check out your bullshit. Any product that cites a real company can be classed as fairly legitimate. Any product that cites a company that doesn’t exist? Well thats where the scam starts to show. My scam alarm bells are ringing at this point in a major way!

Aside from the obvious countdown timers and number of spots available bullshit, this one lets itself down with the calculated way its videos are produced. This trickery is common amongst scams and this is just more fuel for the fire with the amount of bullshit that Globe Traders tries to get away with.

globe traders is a scam
Initially you are given $50 to use in the 3 minute trial. This always makes EXACTLY $250 and then the videos tell you how you can turn your $500 into $5000 in just one week. It then goes on to tell you how you need to add $250 to your trial profit to get started. That equals $500. Coincidence? I think not. Its a calculated scam. The results are blatantly pre-determined if you watch the video. The scammers who developed this clearly know exactly what results the “Trial” will return. I have run the trial a few times to be sure and each time we end up with EXACTLY the same amount of money. This leads me on to my verdict.

Globe Traders Is A Scam

This product does a good job of getting you to think you have made some money, but its all lies. There are so many lies that I have uncovered in just a few minutes with this product, that there is no doubt in my mind that Globe Traders is a major scam and they cannot be trusted with your money.

When you get to the interface, its EXACTLY the same as the Referral Project that I reviewed yesterday. Its another one of these off the shelf, autotrading scams. I think we have seen about 10 so far using the same interface and they are all scams.

globe traders scam exposed

Don’t give these twats your money, they will rip you off and leave a bad taste in your mouth.