Maxmius Cryptobot Scam

Maxmius Cryptobot Scam

Welcome to our Maximus CryptoBot Review. We have definitive proof that this product iis a scam designed to lose your money.

Maximus Cryptobot sells itself as an automated trading system that will make you $3000 per day. These kind of numbers are far too unrealistic to be true in any way at all. Also a supposed 93% accuracy on trades is also far too high to be real. Especially when these trades are automated by their “algorythm” which cannot be real at all due to the fact that no machine can respond like a human when it comes to trading on events. Their claims are all way too good to be true, and guess what, that usually means its total lies.

Maximums Cryptobot also claim that their software is free, however you have to deposit at least $250 to an unregulated and untrustworthy broker so clearly another lie.


Maximus Crypto Bot scam

The truth about Maximus Crypto Bot is that it is just another scam designed to empty your bank account and the only people making money are the creators, the affiliates with their faked winning videos on Youtube and the brokers. Dont deposit at Maximus Cryptobot or you WILL lose your money guaranteed. This product also has links to Maximus Edge which was also confirmed to be a scam. This just adds more fuel to the fire showing that Maximus Cryptobot is a scam.

Unlicensed & Fake Company

The disclaimer at the bottom of the Maximus Cryptobot page claims that “Maximus CryptoBot is a trading name of Maximus CryptoBot LTD”. Well no such company exists and there is no way of knowing who the true perpetrators of this scam really are. If you cannot see the identity of these people its a sure sign of a scam.

Actors in their Video

The video for Maximus Cryptobot shows a guy called Kim, who is allegedly one of the partners in the business, as you can see from the screenshot below, this guy is actually a paid actor His Fivver profile can be found here: Just more proof that this is a complete scam.

How it really works

The real money to be made here is by the brokers and the people that deisgned the scam (as well as the shady affiliates that promote it). They get hefy commissions of up to $400 for every deposit that the broker receives. The broker then makes their money by harassing you into depositing more and more money. Their main trick is to let you lose on the software (in this case, Maximus Cryptobot) and then the broker tries to “help” you lose even more money by offering a managed trades service which will need funding to help you win back your losses. These tactics have caused many people to lose THOUSANDS of dolllars by trading with Maximus Cryptobot. The broker is also unregulated in 99% of these cases, so there is no way of getting a refund through traditional methods.


Maximus Crypto Bot is a complete scam that will empty your broker account within a couple of days and then they’ll try to get even more!

Getting Your Money Back

If you have been a victim of the Maximus Cryptobot Scam, there is help for you. Click on the link below to register for our scam recovery service.


If you need more evidence, watch our video review below:


Alderley Code Review

Alderley Code Review

Alderley Code Scam


This product has some high value production and slick actors and camera work. I say actors because Grant Alderley isn’t a real person. I can prove this by taking apart this scam for you and showing you examples of the same scam being recycled over and over again with a new name and a fancy video.

Alderley Code Logo
First of all the annoying thing is, you cant stop the video from playing but that’s not the only issue with the video. The guy playing Grant Alderley sets up a “live” phone call with one of his new “users”. This is so scripted its not even funny. Also he dials a number that doesn’t answer, and makes all these awkward faces to make you think that its an unplanned mistake. Trust me its all part of the plan. The next person he phones “Christopher” just happens to have the software open in front of him. How very convenient…

Grant Alderley Scam

The call is all scripted and staged. He even gets the guy to attempt a live withdrawal over the phone to get you to buy into this “insured” gimmick. For a start, the Broker holds your funds, not the bot so there is no way they can insure your profits. Secondly the only thing they can promise is that you will lose all of your money.

alderley code tested

They use the classic geo targeting and tell you there is only one spot left. I bet if you visit that site 100 times, there will always be 1 spot available as its more tricks to make you sign up.

They also try and lure you in with a last ditch attempt to get your money by offering you $1000 cash when your mouse goes off the page. This is an old trick but fools so many people.

alderley code software scam

The biggest issue with the whole setup is the fact that the software is a crappy re-branded version of the same awful autotrader used on other scams such as The Referral Project, Globe Traders, Money Glitch, 98 Success and many others that have all been exposed as scams over the last year or so.

alderley code grant alderley

The Alderley Code has not tried to over sell their product by making wild claims, but they do however still fall into the scam category. No matter how shiny the wrapping is, a piece of dogshit is always going to be a piece of dogshit…

Alderley Code Alternatives

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Disrupt Trading Review

Disrupt Trading Review

Disrupt Trading Scam

This scam has already had its first major problem. Youtube have disabled their account so the videos on the site don’t work. I’m glad as at least people wont be scammed by these horrible people now. And trust me it’s a scam and one that was very easy to spot. There are so many reasons why Disrupt Trading fails the scam test…

disrupt trading is a scam

Again we are met with wild claims that don’t add up. The numbers they are talking about are just so unrealistic that its almost comedy. Whoever came up with this scam is very stupid.

Next we are bombarded with cheap tricks like the geo targeting flags and the fake security seals just like we saw on many other scams before.

Disrupt Trading fake

The testimonial photos are also all just stock images, but best of all – One of them is Hollywood actor and director David Arquette. Famously married to Courtney Cox from Friends, David is a very well known face and to use it on such a scam is fucking stupid. If you ever watched the scream movies, you would instantly recognize him and have 100% certainty that Disrupt Trading is a total scam. Its being added to my scam blacklist so that my users can see what a bad piece of software Disrupt Trading really is.

disrupt trading david arquette

The site goes on to make wild claims about being certified by international law firms, but these claims cannot be verified in any way, so I assume they are bullshit too.

And to end it off, we also had the classic Fiverr actor testimonials to add to the scam recipe. All in all, this is a bag of shit and you shouldn’t even bother checking it out as its 100% scam certified…

Disrupt Trading Alternatives

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Hoffman Stein Review

Hoffman Stein Review

Hoffman Stein Scam Review

Hoffman Stein is another bad scam that I have taken down by simply looking for the obvious signs.

Hoffman Stein is a scam

First of all, the claims that these jokers make are just ridiculous. How the hell can anyone guarantee that you will make over half a million dollars in only a week? I can tell you with one hundred percent certainty that nobody can offer that guarantee. If you believe the hype, you will lose your money.

Another Shoddy Scam

Secondly, there is the shady name Hoffman Stein Captial. Its not a real company and anyone who is clever enough to type it into google will see straight away that it’s a completely made up company. Nothing good can come from these arseholes, they are lying at every turn.


Next up is the countdown for the number of slots available and also the ticking clock slowly heading for zero. We have seen these tricks a million times and it never ceases to amaze me that these people still think that they work. Anyone who has seen any of my youtube videos will clearly understand that they are a simple psychological trick and nothing more.

Is Hoffman Stein a scam

Then we get on to the classic Geo-Targeting, something that has been used time and time again by these scammers to try and make you feel special or specifically selected to be a part of their once in a lifetime offer. Guess what, its all part of the massively poor scam that Hoffman Stein is.

hoffman stein virus

Finally we have the poor and blatantly obvious fake testimonials. Hoffman Stein uses Fiverr actors to pretend to be clients that have made millions of pounds. This not only proves this scam completely, but it also shows how cheap these scamming bastards are only spending ten dollars to create their shitty testimonial videos.

hoffman stein review

In summary, I think the only impressive thing about Hoffman Stein, is that they managed to squeeze in just about every crappy scam tactic into one product. That’s about as positive as I can be with this pile of junk. Hoffman Stein is a scam and the above video proves it beyond doubt.



Hoffman Stein Alternatives

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