Quantum Hedge Fund Review – quantumfund.ai Scam

Quantum Hedge Fund Review – quantumfund.ai Scam

So What is Quantum Hedge Fund?

So the basic premise behind quantumfund.ai is that it offers stable cryptocurrency investments with alleged returns of around 15% monthly. They claim to have a hedge fund that invests in financial markets and a number of experts in both algorythmic and manual trading of digital assets. All sounds great huh? Well continue reading our Quantum Hedge Fund Review to see why this may not be all it is cracked up to be…

quantum hedge fund scam
Quantum Hedge Fund Review

The Team

So one of the main issues with Quantum Hedge Fund is the people who are behind it. There are some names on their list which should get some alarm bells ringing:

Jan Janssen – The lack of information about this guy is worrying, for someone who is the CEO of an alleged huge corporation, he should really have more of a digital footprint.

Bruce Porter – He has allegedly been involved in previous crypto scams including Naked Dollars Coin which was an ICO scam. He also got caught selling tickets for a free event for $50. This guy clearly has no problem ripping people off…

Reuben Godfrey – This guy has been involved with multiple ICO projects which have turned out to be a bad call for investors, Here are just a couple of them: Stop The Fakes & Kepler Technologies. There really seems to be an awful lot of reports about this guy being involved with projects that dont have the best intentions, and some which are full-on scams allegedly.

Mohamed Shoieb & Thomas Enechi – These two were advisors on a project called the Endo Protocol which raised a cool 5 million dollars and then vanished in a puff of smoke!

With a team like this, do you really think your investment is safe?

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The Fund

A traditional hedge fund has real, traceable activity, and most importantly regulation. Two things which this fund don’t appear to have. They sell the dream of profits with their “calculator” which seems too good to be true.

Quantum hedge fund profit calculator
Hedge fund “Calculator”

They do have a monthly “profit report” but none of the information can be independently verified which raises many other questions. They show their “ideas” on tradingview, but all this proves is that they have at least 1 person who can do some analysis. This doesnt prove any trading activity whatsoever.

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Then we get on to the regulation issue. Any company targeting UK based customers and offering financial investments or fund management needs to be registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and as you can see, Quantum Hedge Fund are not registered or affiliated with the FCA in any way, shape or form. This to me is a MASSIVE RED FLAG

quantum hedge fund unregulated

The Ponzi Angle

As we delve deeper into this Quantum Hedge Fund Review, another thing that seems to be overlooked, is the “Ponzi” angle. There is a lot of money being thrown at affiliates/referrals and they have a tiered system to reward their most productive referrers.

They reward these people with up to 22% of their “profits” which begs the question, is this actually trading profit, or a simple share of the amount being invested? If so, then 22% of your investment is being shared out amongst the “partner” program, which has all the trademarks of a Ponzi scheme.

Their “Agency” program is even more concerning, it has an MLM style setup with levels you can achieve depending on your “team”.

quantum hedge fund mlm
MLM Structure

This shows a ridiculous “Example” of how the money is funneled up to the higher ups within their program and makes the mind boggle as to exactly how much of your investment ends up in the pockets of others…

quantum hedge fund scam
quantum hedge fund ponzi
This structure is classic ponzi strategy


Time to wrap up our Quantum Hedge Fund Review. So lets see what we have here? A heady mix of Crypto Industry “bad guys”, unverified “proof”, a lack of regulation and a Ponzi style setup. All in all, this makes me want to shout “BIIIITTTTCOOONNNEEEEEEEEEECCCCTTTT” at the top of my voice. Be very careful guys, this one seems too good to be true.

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Maxmius Cryptobot Scam

Maxmius Cryptobot Scam

Welcome to our Maximus CryptoBot Review. We have definitive proof that this product iis a scam designed to lose your money.

Maximus Cryptobot sells itself as an automated trading system that will make you $3000 per day. These kind of numbers are far too unrealistic to be true in any way at all. Also a supposed 93% accuracy on trades is also far too high to be real. Especially when these trades are automated by their “algorythm” which cannot be real at all due to the fact that no machine can respond like a human when it comes to trading on events. Their claims are all way too good to be true, and guess what, that usually means its total lies.

Maximums Cryptobot also claim that their software is free, however you have to deposit at least $250 to an unregulated and untrustworthy broker so clearly another lie.


Maximus Crypto Bot scam

The truth about Maximus Crypto Bot is that it is just another scam designed to empty your bank account and the only people making money are the creators, the affiliates with their faked winning videos on Youtube and the brokers. Dont deposit at Maximus Cryptobot or you WILL lose your money guaranteed. This product also has links to Maximus Edge which was also confirmed to be a scam. This just adds more fuel to the fire showing that Maximus Cryptobot is a scam.

Unlicensed & Fake Company

The disclaimer at the bottom of the Maximus Cryptobot page claims that “Maximus CryptoBot is a trading name of Maximus CryptoBot LTD”. Well no such company exists and there is no way of knowing who the true perpetrators of this scam really are. If you cannot see the identity of these people its a sure sign of a scam.

Actors in their Video

The video for Maximus Cryptobot shows a guy called Kim, who is allegedly one of the partners in the business, as you can see from the screenshot below, this guy is actually a paid actor His Fivver profile can be found here: https://www.fiverr.com/voiceoverbyluis/your-bilingual-video-spokesperson?ref_ctx_id=667921c0-bb24-4d77-8dcd-6f0cda04c2c6. Just more proof that this is a complete scam.

How it really works

The real money to be made here is by the brokers and the people that deisgned the scam (as well as the shady affiliates that promote it). They get hefy commissions of up to $400 for every deposit that the broker receives. The broker then makes their money by harassing you into depositing more and more money. Their main trick is to let you lose on the software (in this case, Maximus Cryptobot) and then the broker tries to “help” you lose even more money by offering a managed trades service which will need funding to help you win back your losses. These tactics have caused many people to lose THOUSANDS of dolllars by trading with Maximus Cryptobot. The broker is also unregulated in 99% of these cases, so there is no way of getting a refund through traditional methods.


Maximus Crypto Bot is a complete scam that will empty your broker account within a couple of days and then they’ll try to get even more!

Getting Your Money Back

If you have been a victim of the Maximus Cryptobot Scam, there is help for you. Click on the link below to register for our scam recovery service.


If you need more evidence, watch our video review below:


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Orion Code Review

Orion Code Review

Orion code scam review

Orion Code Review

Product Name: Orion Code

Type: Binary Options

URL: http://www.lttbo.com/orion/

The Orion Code has been released recently and a few of my Skype group members have asked me to take a look at it in a bit more detail as some people were worried that it might be a scam. You will be shocked to discover what I found out about the Orion Code during my investigation.

Orion Code Website

This site has just about every trademark of a scam all in one place..From the big fake countdown timer that resets every time you reload the page, to more false scarcity with “limited numbers available” etc all over the shop. To top it all off, there are loads of very bold claims that turn out to be lies. They guarantee that you will make 100K in 30 days or Orion will pay you 5K for failing. This is next to a claim that the software doesn’t lose. If the software doesn’t lose, then why the hell do they need to offer this fallback option? Because it’s a big scam that’s why! Also on the members page, there are a number of “verified” testimonials. All of the images used on these so called testimonials are in fact stock photos so another load of lies and deception to destroy any chances that Orion Code is legit.

orion code fake

Orion Code Video


Another cheesy video with a fake actor climbing in a private jet. It looks identical to one used on an old scam called BinaryApp 810. The guy in the video claims to be Edward Robinson, who is allegedly some nice guy millionaire philanthropist. He even cites that there is loads written about him at Forbes. Strange then, that when googling him we get nothing to verify that he is who he claims to be. Forbes makes no mention of Edward Robinson at any point for any reason. Another sure sign that the Orion Code is nothing but lies.


Orion Code Software


Refreshingly, the software interface actually looked quite good. Sadly this doesn’t last long. The Broker on offer is a total unknown, and for me that’s a worrying sign. Also the page where you are supposed to deposit at the broker isn’t a secure page on the brokers domain, but rather a form on the software. Now you cant be sure that these guys aren’t stealing your data or taking money directly from your credit card. This has tipped me over the edge and now the Orion Code is going in the Blacklist.

orion code scam proof

Orion Code Conclusion


Far too many concerns over safety of your credit card data, and also just bold faced lies plastered all over this one is more than enough to confirm that The Orion Code is definitely a scam.
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Gemini 2 Review

Gemini 2 Review

Gemini 2 Review

Product Name: Gemini 2

Type: Binary Options

URL: http://www.lttbo.com/gemini/

gemini 2 scam

I never reviewed the original Gemini software, so was intrigued to see what this product had in store for me. I have had plenty of people telling me that they got email spam with links to Gemini 2 in, so I had to take a look to see what all the buzz was about.

Gemini 2 Website

The website has the usual geo targeting bull that we see on a daily basis, and the site claims that you can be one of the beta testers and make over $12K per day. This is totally unrealistic and already its looking pretty bad for Gemini 2.

gemini 2 is it legit

Gemini 2 Video


We are greeted by an actor in a suit driving a rented lambo, with “Gemini” on a fake regisitration plate. The actor claims to be Brandon Lewis the CEO of Gemini Investments. I did a quick search and the company doesn’t exist. I wasn’t surprised, as the “office” he goes to just has Gemini logos on bits of card stuck to the walls. Not a proper setup of a multi-million dollar fund as he claims the company to be. Also he goes on about the fact that the public release of Gemini 2 wont be released until 2018. If that’s the case, why would you risk your own money testing his software for him. If he is so rich and successful, he doesn’t need you to test. A big software company would have a team of professional testers. Another reason I don’t believe a word of this scam


Gemini 2 Software


Once again we are greeted with the Shitbot. That’s right folks, yet another clone of the worlds worst trading software has hit the market. Conclusive proof that Gemini 2 is a scam.

gemini 2 tested

Gemini 2 Conclusion


It’s the tired formula of cheesy video, lies and a terrible software product. Don’t get involved with Gemini 2 or you will lose money guaranteed…

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Fintech Review

Fintech Review

Another new product that I have been asked to look at. Fintech Limited just launched and its getting spammed out to mailboxes at an alarming rate. I will dig around to find out exactly what is going on and whether or not it’s a scam.

fintech limited scam
Fintech Website

The site is fairly glossy looking with a slick video and some nice touches, however there are some issues that arise pretty quickly when you start to look under the surface. There is some false scarcity in the form of limited slots available and this is wrapped up nicely with some geo targeting as well. The site claims you can make $875 per hour in the incessant popup that keeps showing if you do nothing for more than 30 seconds or try to close the page. There are some crappy quality seals and the usual guff that the scammers always use. More worryingly is the Facebook mockup that shows a number of testimonials in the guise of pretend comments that they claim to have received. I checked a few of the pictures out and they use a rake of stock photos. More worryingly, they use the photo of a man that was featured in the news in the USA for Bestiality and also 2 counts of second degree sexual assault. I lost my shit when I saw it, as you will see in my video. What a mistake to make when stealing random photos online to fake up some testimonials.

is fintech legit

Fintech Video


The video shows a guy called Daniel Roberts who is allegedly the CEO of Fintech Limited (a company that doesn’t exist by the way). He goes on about how he used to work with some programmers and one of them lost some money on trading and then they had their Eureka moment. What a pile of rubbish. The video goes on to explain that they developed an algorithm that made them over $400,000 in just a week. What BS.

fintech software scam

Fintech Software


Unfortunately, the Freedom Circle software interface is not available to test or demo without putting money in your broker account. And you cant even check the settings or see what’s under the hood without parting with money first. Ask yourself this, would you buy a car without having a look inside and a test drive? No you wouldn’t and any legitimate software service will at least allow you to see what’s going on before you part with money. Not looking good I’m afraid.


Fintech Conclusion


In conclusion, Fintech uses fake testimonial pictures of people that should be on an offenders register and makes a load of fake claims along the way. Coupled with the lack of any way to test the software without paying first, this is getting a severe thumbs down from me. If you want to see something that actually works, click on my recommended link to see the software that performs best in our current tests.