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safe income is it fake

This product has been massively requested on both my Youtube Channel and in my Skype Binary advice service. Lots of people have made the jump to get started already so its my turn now. For this test, I am going to be putting my own money on the line so you can see how well it performs over a period of days.

safe income scam or not

On close inspection as you will see in my video above, there are no riduculous claims about Safe income. No promises to make you a millionaire overnight and no unrealistic claims of making ten grand in a day. A good start in my opinion. The software developers have also avoided the bully boy tactics that lots of software owners use. No ticking clock or countdown to trick you into making a rash decision. No “limited” only 27 copies left rubbish or other false scarcity tactics. Also no fake Fiverr testimonials from people reading a blatantly obvious script.

Instead its just the developer of Safe Income, Albert J Henderson talking about low risk, high reward strategy and in all honesty he actually makes me believe that this software is going to be very good.

albert j henderson

The proof is in the pudding as they say, so what I have done is deposited $500 into the suggested broker and I am going to conduct some tests over the next few days to see how it performs. I will use the Autotrader, but only for a limited time each day just to be on the safe side. I will be doing a second video to allow you all to see just how good or bad the software turns out to be. Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube Channel to  stay updated on any further developments with Safe income.

safe income $500 test

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