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Got a fair amount of requests to cover this product, with early adopters showing consistent results.

crunch tech scam

The first page of Crunch Tech doesn’t show any of the obvious signs of being a scam. It also covers weather prediction technology which has been the focus of some previously successful apps. Also there were no signs of fake earnings, dodgy testimonials or other tricks, so Crunch Tech looks promising. Unlike lots of scams out there, Crunch Tech appears to show signs of being a legitimate piece of software, but thats not to say its 100%, before we can reach that conclusion, we really need to put it to the test.

crunch tech review

I decided to deposit $400 into the account at OptionStars that they opened for me, so I am going to give it a try with my own money to see what happens. its risky, but with a good few people commenting on my Skype Group that they are having good results, it seems too good an opportunity to ignore.


Rather than relying on the autotrader, I am going to trade manually as I feel it gives much better control and also allows me to choose when to hold off and when to trade. As I mention in my Youtube Video, Crunch Tech has both Auto Trade and manual trade options. Usually I find the auto traders to be very aggressive and can easily see why so many products get a bad reputation. If left unchecked, a poorly constructed auto trader will struggle to make a profit, and can sometimes wipe out balances very quickly. I find using the manual signals and checking against real charts can be a massive edge.

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I will also be using the TrendXpert software to assist in making my trading decisions to make sure I am trading correctly. This is such an important part of the process and one that I would recommend that you all take if you are looking to try out Crunch Tech.

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