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Hey guys, thanks for checking out our BOnotBS review. BOnotBS is a brand new binary options auto trading platform. Offering fully automated trading with an average of 70% success rate.

My first impression of BOnotBS was good, the welcome video explains that if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme or 100% accuracy, then you need to keep on looking.

This is a breath of fresh air these days, with most product claiming to have never lost a single trade, EVER!

One thing which really stood out and really didn’t give me a good feeling about trading with BOnotBS, was its back ground image, which is very similar if not identical to multiple images available by searching Binary Options in google images.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they are a scam, but it doesn’t give off a great impression.

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bonotbs is it a scam

What Does BOnotBS Do?

BOnotBS simply makes your life easier by trading on your behalf. You don’t need to lift a finger. Just set up an account and activate auto trade and let it start making money for you. BOnotBS trading platform focus on currency pairs only.

BOnotBS supported brokers are a choice between 3 popular brokers. 10 Markets, Banc De Binary and 24 Options. 24 Options has one of the best reputations for withdrawals and Banc De Binary are the original binary options broker. Personally I’ve not used 10 Markets, but a quick search finds plenty of positive reviews.

Accessing the BOnotBS trading platform you get a simple layout with an activation switch for activating Auto Trade. Also available is a live chart offering views of 1 Hour, 2 Hour, 3 Hour, or 6 Hour.

What did come as a surprise was its limited options for trading with BOnotBS. With only 3 currency pairs available. EUR/USD, EUR/GBP and GBP/USD. The only reason I can think of for having such a limited choice of assets would be they specialize in these particular markets.

It’s common for a specialist trader to focus on one currency, but very uncommon for software to do it too.

bonotbs does it work

BOnotBS Features

Customizable live charts helping you identify markets which trending over longer periods, or identifying what is currently happening now with 1 minute updates on the 1 Hour view.

BOnotBS is available in multiple languages and has the option to add more brokers.

So far none of the available brokers support US traders.

Along with the live charts, 3 sections containing open positions, trade history and a section for your linked broker account reflecting your account balance.

 is bonotbs any good

BOnotBS Final Thoughts

BOnotBS limited trading options will be the reason is succeeds or not. If they can focus and get good results from limited currencies then more power to them, but I do believe most traders would be put off by the limitations.

There are multiple product out there at the moment which can offer much greater control

Using Auto Trade in general has huge risk attached simply since you have limited control over what the software is trading for you. The more control you have over the software then them more control you have over your money.

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BOnotBS Alternatives

There are some good options for learning a few things about trading binary options yourself. OptionXpert currently have the best reputation in the industry for providing training courses using their TrendXpert trading indicator.

TrendXpert is a trend indicator which focuses on currency pairs only. With 15 different currency pairs available. The TrendXpert alerts you to movement in the markets as and when they happen

TrendXpert also offer News and Live messages containing signals sent live during Webinar training classes, which are hosted twice a day, 5 days a week.

To find out more on how to become a successful independent trader, then check out TrendXpert and the training available to you there.

Once you have picked up a few tricks, you will never need to rely on an auto trade system again.

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